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Sally Kershaw: From Mental Health Nurse to Eco-Warrior

In a world where materialism and greed often dominate, it is rare to find someone who stands up against the prevailing norms to fight for what they believe is right. Meet Sally, a qualified mental health nurse turned activist, who has embarked on a personal journey to protect our planet and advocate for a healthier, […]

Rob Jordan: A Passionate Environmental Activist Fighting for a...

In a world where environmental concerns continue to grow, individuals like Rob Jordan stand out as shining examples of dedicated activists. Rob, a father and construction worker, has made it his mission to fight for a better future for his daughter and all future generations. Despite his busy life, he has found ways to incorporate […]

Meet the Rebels: Unveiling the Passionate Activists

Are you ready to meet the fearless individuals who are leading the charge for a sustainable future? We invite you to join us in the “Meet the Rebels” campaign, where we introduce you to a group of extraordinary environmental activists who are making a difference in their communities. These passionate individuals, driven by a shared […]

Ask Your MP To Support The CEE Bill

The CEE Bill is a ‘Presentation Bill’, a type of Private Members Bill (PMB), it was presented to parliament on 2 September 2020 by Caroline Lucas MP and it has been given a second reading date of the 12th March 2021. A bill is a proposal for a new law. Most new law stems directly […]
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XRC Targets Local Banks

On Saturday 24th October the Extinction Rebellion Chelmsford group targeted local banks to demand they withdraw from damaging investments in fossil fuels, to raise awareness amongst the public about what their money is being used to fund, and encourage them to switch to ethical banking alternatives. The environmental action group assembled outside major banks in […]
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Ethical Banking

In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a sobering report on the devastating impacts our world will face with 1.5° Celsius of warming — let alone 2°C — while setting out the emissions trajectory the nations of the world need to take if we are to have any shot at keeping […]
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How to Keep the Greater Good in Mind During...

Today’s challenges are unprecedented and may even feel overwhelming, but in the midst of our concern or panic around COVID-19 is it possible to find glimmers of positivity? Here’s a way of framing the difficulty through the lens of the regenerative culture that our planet seems to be calling for; we must look to each […]

How to talk to kids about climate change

A vital aspect of regenerative culture is building our capacity for caring and authentic communication. What better topic then for feelgoodfriday# than an article providing practical advice when doing this with one of the hardest topics; talking to kids about the mess we’re in. If the topic is resonating strongly for you you’ll want to […]

Getting Into Nature

As part of our inspiring People’s Assembly last night (thanks Cliff!) we were reminded how connection and care for self, others and nature sit at the heart of a Regenerative Culture. And it’s great to see nature increasingly recognised as ‘not a nice-to-have, it’s a have-to-have.’ This article reminds us that the very act of […]

XR Chelmsford celebrates its first birthday! 🎉 Saying thanks...

We’ve come a long way since 4 curious rebels met at The Plough on a dark February night last year. This month we turn 1! 🎉 So to mark the occasion we are throwing a birthday party for ourselves – and all rebels are invited. Scroll right to the bottom for details ⬇️ We’re also […]

Regen culture: Stop freaking out!

This interesting #feelgoodfriday article reminds us how important it is not to load ourselves up with shame. The scale of climate and ecological problems, the causes, the culture, the solutions are all obviously far bigger than anyone of us alone. And the other steps make a lot of sense, offering a route map through self-compassion, resilience & strength […]

XRC Poetry: Human Race Get Off Your Knees!

Human Race Get Off Your Knees! – Kelli-Marie Sellwood Tear down Infected institutions. immortalised by us No more will they enslave, dictate, and make their dirty trusts- That keep the money held by few, that see the world, not as we do Distorted pictures they do see, enslaving the majority! Believing that it is ok, […]

XRC Poetry: The Place We All Call Home

The Place We All Call Home – Linda Anstee This is the place, The planet, The Earth; United as one, it’s the place of our birth. Breathtaking beauty, incredible world wonder, For us to protect, not to plunder. Super tusker elephants slaughtered for ivory; Peaceful orangutans homeless in rainforest rivalry. Wondrous whales swim the gauntlet […]

XRC Poetry: Rebellion Rap

Rebellion Rap – Peter Fowler We’re Extinction RebellionAnd we’re in your FaceIt’s our fault: we’rePart of the Human RaceConsuming this planetBit by bit – weDon’t think of others –We don’t have the witTo grow up – stand up andSpeak truth to powerSo we crush the futureAnd crush every flowerChoking the planetBit by bit, ‘cos we’reThinking only […]

Going flight free – XR Chelmsford members stay grounded

January is always a time for resolutions. Often it can be hard to stick to them. Did you know there are a growing trend of pledges and commitments that are planet-friendly too? Like Veganuary and the pledge to go flight free in 2020? The flight free movement started in Sweden and it’s gained so much […]
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XRC Poetry: Listen up our governments

Listen up our governments – Kelli-Marie Sellwood Listen up our governments, we have some words to wage We are rising up, as we, destroy debts earthly cage! Stop shaming our nurses, while cutting back on staff It’s your fault that they can’t keep up, their under-staffed say half Stop shaming our teachers, when-you dic-tate, what […]

December Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

Happy new year, dear readers! It’s been unseasonably warm and, as a group protesting against the climate crisis, we can’t possibly think why! Here’s how our fashion boycotters are getting on… Though I didn’t take the vow for the year, I have only bought one summer top and a pair of summer shorts, both ethically […]

XRC Poetry: New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution – Linda Anstee Act for the climate. Stop the heat. Act for success. Stop defeat. Act for the Amazon. Stop tree felling. Act for the Arctic. Stop seas swelling. Act for ecosystems. Stop creatures dying. Act for truth. Stop citizens denying. Act for hope. Stop eco-anxiety. Act for the generations. Stop the fall […]

XRC Poetry: Money Makes Monkeys of Us

Money Makes Monkeys of Us – Kelli-Marie Sellwood In a society that priorities monetary wealth Over the most important thing, the people’s general health I know I’m not the only one, who sees this as a crime And if we do not change this soon, we’ll all be out of time So, if you truly […]

November Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

So somehow it’s now December – tis the season for jumpers, coats, hats, scarves and gloves. Find out below how our fashion boycotters are getting on… I feel fortunate to have a decent supply of jumpers and cardigans to see me through winter – some of them are from charity shops, some of them are […]

Throwback: Chelmsford Activism in the 80s from Maureen

It can be easy to think that the problems we face in the climate crisis are new, or that XR is unlike any other movement. Or even that nothing much would happen in a sleepy city like Chelmsford! But there is a great deal we can learn from those who have been campaigning well before […]

XRC Poetry: Kestrel

Kestrel – Peter Fowler Sometimes I used to drive To work, through farm land – Through countryside And often I would see Sitting up high Up, on a telegraph pole, A kestrel, Readying To find and fix its prey, Or launch itself To hover in the sky And then: In a newspaper article I read, […]

XRC Poetry: Recruiting for Justice!

Recruiting for Justice – Kelli-Marie Sellwood I speak to help the people see, that basic rights for you and me Must be in the people’s hands, not – corporates that don’t understand That life on earth is too complex, for just a few, to choose what’s best We’re not a class, or type, or thing, […]

XRC Poetry: Rise Up from Your Slumber

Rise Up from Your Slumber – Kelli-Marie Sellwood I’ll try to be articulate in such a testing time.So much knowledge to wonder through,there’s no straightforward line Criss-crossing paths of knowledge, go racing through my headAnd, as I put pen to paper, there’s no road straight ahead. Here I go regardless, to help the truth live […]

Youth Activist Blog: Hattie and life as a young...

Hey, my name’s Hattie and in this blog post I am going to be telling you about my life as being a young climate activist. I am 14 and am a Youth Ambassador for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Social media isn’t really my thing but here is my backstory of how I […]

October Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

October was a month full of rebellion, rage and rain! Check out this month’s updates and suggestions from our rebels taking part in the clothing boycott… Watch this space for a clothing boycott action soon! I’ve found now we’re a good few months into the boycott, that my entire relationship with clothes has changed. I […]

A Message From the Working Groups…

Hi Rebels As most of you know, a lot of work is done in the background to help create everything XR Chelmsford does – at the moment we have quite a few people in the working groups who have been in role and doing amazing work since the Spring, and could do with a break […]

XRC Poetry: Lights of London

Lights of London – Kelli-Marie Sellwood I saw suits, florescent yellow, filled with people of all kinds Some thought their suits were fused to them, but some had their own minds Some were filled with ego, on a policeman power trip, some were criminals in uniform, abusers cruel and sick! Some agreed with what we’re […]

Day 10, 11 and 12 – Peaks and troughs...

Day 10 – Wednesday In response to the Met Police and Home Office’s quick decision to ban assemblies – members of XRC gathered in Trafalgar Square. Hear why they decided to defy the ban: “To protest at the Metropolitan police’s decision to outlaw peaceful non-violent protest by XR London.” Steve “To show that it’s literally […]

Day 9: Food and Fire

Rebels defied by continuing to protest on Day 9 of the International Rebellion as arrests surpass 1400 in London after last night’s ban on Extinction Rebellion protests throughout London. The BBC reports; “Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said he is “seeking further information” about the decision to impose the ban and why it was […]

Day 7 & 8: Rest and Resistance

Day 7 Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens has been the allocated site for rebels to rest and recuperate. But it is also where much of the training and decision making is going on. Gail Bradbook spoke in the Global Justice Tent, and debates about the fourth demand around climate justice were had. Training for those new to […]

Day 5 and 6: Damp but determined

Day 5 – a regen morning at the Chelmsford den followed by the move to Vauxhall – Chelmsford have set up a few tents in an area by the City Farm (by the ponies!). The site is now established, with warm food options available and talks, trainings and workshops going on. Much of the activity […]

XRC Poetry: We Are Called Upon

We Are Called Upon – Sarah Ward We may be breaking the law by blocking the road But climate action is what the planet is owed Yes, we may be stopping traffic But to do nothing, that would be tragic The biggest crime is committed by the government For not taking action when time is […]

Day 4: Relocation and Regen

Day 3 was a long day for those arrested and those supporting the five arrested. The Love site was cleared by the end of the day and we headed back to our ‘den’ offsite. Arrestables headed back to base where it was a safe space to offload and decompress. We were all ready for some […]

October Rebellion – Day 3

Five of XRC’s brave rebels were arrested on the site today. Huge respect and solidarity for what they have been doing for every one of us. Update: As of 1.30am Thursday 10 October – all XRC arrestees have been released and made it back to warm, dry beds. During the night there was a real […]

October Rebellion – Day 2

Well that was a long night! Seven XRC members were on duty for the night shift last night. They started at 11pm alongside rebels from Bury St Edmunds and Colchester. Outside the back of Downing Street, we sat in a circle of picnic chairs and got to know each other better. There was a constant […]

XRC Poetry: Rise Up

Rise Up – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

October Rebellion – Day 1

Day -1 Opening ceremony + camping at Hyde Park A group of XRC members headed up to London on the train on Sunday to be at Marble Arch for the Opening Ceremony of the Rebellion. The youth brought the torch of truth to the main fire and we were invited to reflect on what had […]

XRC Poetry: Tenderness of Grass

Tenderness of Grass – Maddy Hag This is the whispers Of the tenderness of Grass forever passing Bending in the breeze’s breath It does not break Survives the test of freeze It aches to burgeon bold In waking spring Of ripening sun It is the one in all And all in One Growing not from […]

September Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

The change of seasons from summer to autumn is feeling gradual, but XRC rebels are planning ahead for the colder months. Lots of rebels are also preparing for the upcoming International Rebellion in London, and the heroes that are planning to camp outside will be hunting for extra layers! Will they manage to find second-hand […]

Global Climate Strike

In August 2018, Greta Thunberg sat outside Swedish parliament with a sign reading “school strike for climate.” It was her first Friday walking out of school for climate action, and she made a weekly routine out of it. “I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to […]
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Chelmsford is rising up! September Update

September has been a busy month for Extinction Rebellion Chelmsford. We kicked the month off with the Time Is Now tour – and it was a great success despite our original speaker Larch Maxey pulling out last minute for personal reasons. At the Cramphorn Theatre in Chelmsford, local member Sophia did a quick low down […]

XRC Poetry: How to be a Rebel

How to be a Rebel – Laura Kerry A crisis is upon us Our climate is in a state I don’t wish to alarm you But it’s time to decide our fate. It’s been on the cards for decades We know it’s nothing new It doesn’t care if you’re white or rich It’s coming for […]

XRC head to Houses of Parliament

Read the press release here: Four rebels went to the Houses of Parliament today as an attempt from XR to reach MPs on their home turf. Chelmsford MP Vicky Ford said she would be present. We had a brief meeting in an (elaborate) corridor with her team. She presented us with the Clean Growth […]

Join Us at the Global Climate Strike in Chelmsford!

On Friday 20th September the UK Student Climate Network is calling on everyone – adults, workers, community groups, trade unionists, nurses, teachers, steel workers, car manufacturers, waiters and everyone else in between to join us in a global general climate strike. Join us as we support the Global Climate Strike in Chelmsford, meeting at Shire […]
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August Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

It’s sadly ironic when the #XR52 clothing boycott becomes easier as the climate crisis means it’s too hot to wear clothes… On a brighter note, our rebels are noticing a marked shift in their mindset towards fast fashion. We’ve also learnt that we need to take a trip to Bristol… It’s going great for me. […]


More than half the UK’s local authorities have now declared a climate emergency and committed to take action to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero. Essex County Council has declined to do this; what planet are they on? The fate of our 1.8m residents rests in the hands of just 75 individuals who have so far […]
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Essex County Council must declare a Climate & Ecological...

Act Now! Essex County Council must declare a Climate & Ecological Emergency on 8th October. 149 councils have already done this, including neighbouring Suffolk, Herts, Kent, Surrey, plus London boroughs, Chelmsford, Colchester, and soon Southend. Our county has the longest coastline in England (who knew?!) and the driest summers, so whether it’s floods from rising […]
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Chelmsford Council Declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency

Extinction Rebellion Chelmsford rebels have been celebrating after Chelmsford council declared a climate emergency on 16th July 2019! Councillors read out emotional speeches and then the motion was passed! An eager and hopeful group of rebels attended the full council meeting in anticipation of the declaration. Here’s to a greener Chelmsford and telling the truth […]

Telling our Truths: XRC’s First Action

Saturday 13th July 2019 saw Extinction Rebellion Chelmsford’s first action. Rebels gathered in Chelmsford city centre to deliver their messages and truths about the climate and ecological crisis. There was also a wellbeing area, lots of colourful and creative flags and banners, plus some potted plants to brighten up the city centre. The pink cart, […]
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June Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

As we enter the summer months, here’s the latest update from our local rebels on their #XR52 clothing boycott… “I haven’t had any problems with the boycott and I have several charity shop buys to upcycle but I think I need to shop for a round tuit so I can get something started!  I’ll get […]

Plastic Free July – Are You Up For the...

Rebels from XRC are making preparations for going plastic free in July to help reduce plastic use and improve recycling, worldwide. Are you up for the challenge? Avoiding plastic for a whole month may seem daunting, especially when it’s used in almost everything we buy and use. But don’t worry – you can do it […]
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May Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

It’s been one month since local members of XR Chelmsford embarked on the challenge of boycotting new clothes for a year! Here, some of XRC’s rebels tell us how they’ve been getting on and share some tips… “I think I have been boycotting new clothing for around a year anyway (and synthetic fibres for longer […]

Youth Climate Strike

Our youngest and smallest rebel took part in the Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike on Friday 24th May! “I am a nine year old boy who cares about the planet. I chose to protest because I care about climate change and how hot and cold it gets, and flooding.  I enjoyed the school strike […]
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Chelmsford City Council Meeting

On Wednesday 22nd May, XR Chelmsford rebels attended the first meeting of the new Chelmsford City Council to see if the Lid Dems would walk the walk on climate change. Good news – Stephen Robinson, new leader of the Council, outlined his vision for a safer, greener and fairer Chelmsford, stating the Lib Dems will […]
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Our First Whole Group Planning Meeting!

We had our first whole group planning meeting on Monday 20th May! The evening was full of love, rage, passion and ideas. After a whole group check-in, we broke out into our working groups to discuss wellbeing, lobbying, art, training, kids and boycotts. It’s time to get this local rebellion in full swing!

Heading for Extinction Talk

We had another great turnout for our climate talk on Wednesday 15th May with around 60 rebels showing up to find out more about the climate crisis and what we can do about it. Can you spot the rebel who missed the group photo and was Photoshopped in afterwards?! We love welcoming new rebels – […]

#XR52 Clothing Boycott

Local members of XR Chelmsford are challenging themselves to boycott new clothes for a year. Our rampant consumption of fast fashion emits vast amounts of greenhouse gases and leads to biodiversity losses from intense crop cultivation, not to mention the social issues and the treatment of those working in garment factories. Did you know that […]

Rebels Unite!

It’s been a busy week for XR Chelmsford! On Sunday 28th April we set up a little XR station in Central Park and spoke to local residents about climate change, and on Monday 29th April we had an incredibly successful introduction/social for new and existing members. It was great to see so many passionate like-minded […]

April International Rebellion

Rebels from Chelmsford have been in London this week to assist with stewarding, first aiding, handing out leaflets, giving radio interviews, making some noise and soaking up the atmosphere at International Rebellion! It is a very civil and peaceful protest, with inductions taking place throughout the day at various locations in London if you want […]

Arrest Watch Training

Some of our wonderful members went along to legal briefing/arrest watch training in Colchester on 8th April in preparation for rebellion week and beyond. It was great to meet more of the lovely members from XR Colchester, and we also had a sneak preview of these gorgeous posters – watch out for them around town […]

Our First Meeting