XRC Poetry: The Place We All Call Home

January 27, 2020

The Place We All Call Home – Linda Anstee

This is the place,

The planet,

The Earth;

United as one, it’s the place of our birth.

Breathtaking beauty, incredible world wonder,

For us to protect, not to plunder.

Super tusker elephants slaughtered for ivory;

Peaceful orangutans homeless in rainforest rivalry.

Wondrous whales swim the gauntlet of longline death traps;

Coral reef havens wiped from nature’s marine maps.

But the world should be an adventure for every new child

Not mere words on a page of the history of the wild.

There are deeps and forests with a wealth to explore;

We owe our children this excitement and so much more.

Mankind, not appointed owner, just caretaker,

Was never granted the role of catastrophe maker.

A skilled driver of extinction for so many creatures,

Unchecked, wake up to a red list where humans feature.

This is the place,

The planet,

The Earth:

Biodiversity of infinite worth.

But look what we’ve done!

We’ve sinned, we’ve cursed

The next generation on planet Earth!

Breaking down into a harmful plastic soup,

Alarmingly slipping into the food chain loop,

Ocean deeps poisoned by millions of micro plastic:

Our meals now polluted with glitter and knicker elastic.

The albatross a parent of heroic devotion,

Flying 1,000 miles for a family meal from the ocean,

Is far from the convenience of a lazy drive thru dash:

Humans littering the world with abhorrent single use trash.

Global industries devour nature’s precious resources,

Polluting the arteries, the veins, the river courses.

Vehicles stream the globe like venomous snakes;

Aircraft carbon contrails deadly in their wakes.

With greed twisted minds humans fell forests and poach;

On every last remote wilderness, our activities encroach.

Precious lungs of the Earth we insanely rip and ravage,

Now releasing more carbon than the world can manage.

So dark images loom of mass migration

And societies struggling in utter degradation.

Do we weakly accept swamped lands, failed crops?

Or do we resolutely ensure global warming stops?

Cast over the world a grim shadow of shame

Reminds us gravely of just who is to blame.

It’s a universal problem, it’s a universal solution,

In this dangerous era of wholesale pollution.

Global scientists have created a clever dietary plan;

Open your minds, listen, and simply say ‘I can!’

Turn off the torrential tap spouting plastic pollution;

Spring onto the snowballing ride of refill revolution!

Fuel guzzling tanks transport children to school,

But why not make planet care your main consumer rule?

Your carbon footprint at the heart of every decision,

Today, why not make planet care your new religion?

Now forget fast fashion, make do and mend;

Follow protect the planet as your only trend.

Always make REDUCE, reuse, recycle, your daily goal.

Open your heart to nature, enjoy enriching your soul.

Win hearts and minds and we’re half way there;

Tell all your friends, lay the facts bare.

Only together this clean-up operation we master.

Then together we lead the world from tragic disaster.

Let’s not wait for blinkered, squabbling politicians

To transcend party barriers and reduce carbon emissions.

So let the people unite for the environmental fight

For in this message of darkness flickers hope and light.

For this is the place,

The planet,

The Earth…

Think of our home and all it’s worth.

It’s sure worth from each one of us every earnest endeavour

To save our wonderful world for generations forever.

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