XRC Poetry: How to be a Rebel

September 16, 2019

How to be a Rebel – Laura Kerry

A crisis is upon us
Our climate is in a state
I don’t wish to alarm you
But it’s time to decide our fate.

It’s been on the cards for decades
We know it’s nothing new
It doesn’t care if you’re white or rich
It’s coming for you too.

Whether you voted leave
Or you think we should remain
The option to save the planet
Is not one we’ll get again.

If you breathe the air around us
If you’re a citizen of earth
And you know we can do better
It’s time to prove our worth.

Whatever you do for a living
Whatever your colour or creed
Whichever tabloid or newspaper
You do or do not read.

You don’t have to be a vegan
You don’t have to have a beard
You don’t have to use essential oils
You don’t have to smell a bit weird.

We don’t care if you drive a car
We’re not here to name and shame
In this system of collapse
No one person is to blame.

Step away from power and greed
Learn to empathise and forgive
You don’t have to love thy neighbour
Just respect their right to live.

We’re running out of time
We should be on the same side
So go and tell your friends and foe
Spread the message far and wide.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed
And wondering what you can do
The rebellion is now open
We welcome all of you.

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