XRC Poetry: Recruiting for Justice!

November 20, 2019

Recruiting for Justice – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

I speak to help the people see, that basic rights for you and me

Must be in the people’s hands, not – corporates that don’t understand

That life on earth is too complex, for just a few, to choose what’s best

We’re not a class, or type, or thing, depending on the song they sing

I’ll decide, who I will be, your labels are not part of me.

Now we see just what they do, divide the masses, hide what’s true

But this cannot work anymore, there is a loophole in this war

They use time to grind us down, they stretch out hope, passion they drown

They know our system’s lack of time, ensures they can commit their crimes

For most are only getting by, don’t have the time to even try

To stand and fight for human rights, as working days move into nights!

But there are those that have the time, to stand up to these corporate crimes

And so, I must recruit those who, possess the time to spread what’s true

So, to the people, partly free, Help the needy, hear my plea

As we possess, the very tool, that allows these corporates that rule

To push the people to the ground, to stress us out and wear us down

So, give your time to help a cause!

speak up at bars and shopping malls

Educate, inform yourself, on housing scandals, public health

Privatisation underway, communities in disarray

On social cleansing, shrinking down, on corrupt councils in your town!

Join us and speak out for the poor, the vulnerable and many more!

Offer your help – please, if you can, for fairness is not in the plan

Of many councils, Co’s and Corps, that lie, and do divide our thoughts

Confusing, yes, it is indeed, and this is how they do succeed

Their constant drain on people’s time, confusing jargon on each line

keep it simple!

keep it true!

Housing’s a right for me and you

As is healthcare, healthy food,  a lack of these brings sombre moods

These are basic human needs, and this, is why we must succeed!

How sad it is to see the few, that have the time to help undo

the unjust crimes this system breeds, only care for their own needs!

When families are crying out, ‘HELP US PLEASE!’ But still they doubt

That anyone will lend a hand, on this fake! and greedy land!

So, listen to what’s in your soul, do what is right and meet the goal.

To give the people what we need

Choose human rights!

Not human greed!

Homes sit empty everywhere, this crisis caused by the unfair

Development of social homes, by brainwashed corporate human clones!

With no regard for human life, they cause depression, pain and stifle

Then throw in section ‘106’ and believe that they have done their bit

But it is clear for most to see, this section is placed tactically

To seem as though, they’ve done there bit, but, in time the truth does hit

No residents around to see, the things built for community

They’re forced out by the corporate hand, as social cleansing sweeps the land

The homes that were built for the poor, are not for them now anymore

This greedy culture has to go, and changing seeds we all must sow…

Wake up please! The employees, of corporates causing such unease.

I understand it’s just your job, but help us, to reform this mob.

For if the corporate dream does win. All mankind will be locked in

The debated chains, that leave the few, to rule the masses, me and you.

Just because it’s legal, does not mean that it’s right,

this is why, as one the people need to stand and fight!

We can break our debated chains, free the people, start again!

Give rise to a united race!

of people true, and full of grace.

Where basic needs are owned by us!

And managed by those whom we trust

We’ll keep it local, keep it small, connected still to trade with all

A people that then understand, a complex web spreads through these lands

This is the way, that nature thrives, ensuring rich and diverse lives

Goodbye to the invasive weed, of corporates spreading fear and greed.

A world where cash won’t prove our worth

but how we treat, all life, on earth.

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