A Message From the Working Groups…

October 25, 2019

Hi Rebels

As most of you know, a lot of work is done in the background to help create everything XR Chelmsford does – at the moment we have quite a few people in the working groups who have been in role and doing amazing work since the Spring, and could do with a break or a change of role. It would also be great to get some new perspectives and ideas 🙂

We’ve collectively done an incredible job of growing the local group from 4 people in February, to around 60 active members (including 3 affinity groups) and a Facebook community of almost 400 – – but the crisis is only becoming more urgent and there’s still so much work to do!! Most of the active work in the group is being done by a relatively small number of people, so if anyone is able to spare a few hours a week to help in the working groups it will really help and would be greatly appreciated!

No prior experience needed – there’s so much love and support available from amongst our beautiful community of working group members and coordinators.

Overview of groups and roles:

Community: great for anyone who likes engaging with people, bringing them into the movement and communicating XR’s ethos.
We particularly need anyone who can help with:
-Organising social events
-Outreach (eg leafleting, door knocking, liaising with community groups)
-Diversity and inclusion
-Organising talks and trainings (admin role)
-Hosting at our events, talks & meetings
Email Community community@xrchelmsford.org

Media & Messaging: great for anyone who likes writing / creating content / being a spokesperson
We particularly need anyone who can help with:
-Sharing ur messages and events across social media
-Writing press releases
-Communicating with the press/media – during actions / doing radio interviews etc
Email Media media@xrchelmsford.org

Lobbying and advocacy: great for anyone who likes informing and influencing decision makers within the area, likely involving research / writing / engaging with local politics/businesses etc
Email lobbying@xrchelmsford.org

Arts: great for creatives of all kinds! (visual arts, textiles, poetry, music, singing etc). We always need as many people as possible and there’s a huge amount of freedom to do whatever you like!
We particularly need people who can help with block printing and creating banners and flags for actions.
Email Arts arts@xrchelmsford.org

Action & Logistics: great for anyone who likes to organise and who would like to turn ideas into reality!
Email Actions action@xrchelmsford.org

Wellbeing: great for anyone of a caring disposition, who wants to promote XR’s regenerative culture and ensure members are kept safe and happy.
Email regen@xrchelmsford.org

If you have skills in finance, fundraising, legal or IT we also want to hear from you!

If you want to help, even if you’re not sure how at the moment, please contact the email addresses for the relevant group, or come along to the whole group meeting on the 7th November and have a chat with one of the coordinators

If you are still unsure where you think you might fit or have further general questions then please send an email to info@xrchelmsford.org

Love & Rage

XR Chelmsford Working Groups

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