XRC Poetry: Tenderness of Grass

October 2, 2019

Tenderness of Grass – Maddy Hag

This is the whispers
Of the tenderness of
Grass forever passing
Bending in the breeze’s breath
It does not break
Survives the test of freeze
It aches to burgeon bold
In waking spring
Of ripening sun
It is the one in all
And all in One
Growing not from tip
Of what it sees
And think it knows
But digging deep
Gets rooted in the earth
Will birth from there
Its future forms
By drinking in
The goodness
Found from storms that rained
So heavily
From up above
Its face has turned to earth
Its thirst are roots like fingers
Reaching in the soil
Grains and dirt for elements
To build itself a
Form from formlessness
Born in the dark
Deep from the seepage of dreams
To weave the colours
Felt in blends
Of beauty
Never seen before nor known
It sows its resurrection
So like grass
We are
May we
Not force our growth
From the deadwood of seasons past
Poised on the tip
Of what we think we know and are
But dig our depths to make
Our own
A dance anew
of wind and wend
To bend and lift
In breezes blow
Let flow
From roots that grow
The universal
Flourishing of souls.

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