XRC Poetry: Listen up our governments

January 13, 2020

Listen up our governments – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

Listen up our governments, we have some words to wage

We are rising up, as we, destroy debts earthly cage!

Stop shaming our nurses, while cutting back on staff

It’s your fault that they can’t keep up, their under-staffed say half

Stop shaming our teachers, when-you dic-tate, what they teach

How much they have to test our kids! Don’t you sit there and preach

Stop over testing students, to make Pearsons, profits rise

And eventually, make poor results, reason to privatise!

We’re not blind, we’re not stupid, we will not submit to you

Privatizing is abuse, that benefits the few!

Making profits, from oppression? making profits based on lies?

That corporations offer greater service to our lives??

Stop selling! we’re not buying! all this nonsense that you spurt

Public-services were made- by-those, who suffered and were hurt

Fighting the elite’s wars

fighting the elite’s wars,

Fighting the elite’s wars, throughout time, returning home to find

The rich captains of industry, malice-militants, Just fine!

Our-poor scrub wars of greedy men, that care not, for their lives?

Used as pawns in war games, as cruel captains, spurt their lies

After each oppression, change starts, lest we not forget

Reform comes from people, when united, change we get

But, our governments lay claim to all our Activists have done,

When all great change is by the people, speaking truth as one!

First labelled us as criminals and terrorists to start…

Look at Martin Luther King, Grace Chapplo, Aaron Swarts

Activists build fair social structures, too keep-safe the most

from the elite few that make us masses mealy hosts

Feeding of us daily, draining the colour, from each face

Messing with our minds, so they can keep us, in our place.

‘Never again the people cried! Free public health for all

Council run cheap housing, securing us a roof and walls

A plot to grow our veg’s, and spaces to commune,

But their taking it away again!

But their taking it away again!

with their bloodied silver spoon!

Stand up and be an Activists! a carer of us all

It is the carers that stand up to speak against all that is cruel!

But the few are very clever; we’ll have to give them that

Controlling public media, News Corp, their greatest catch

twisting the minds of many, yes, there’s someone else to blame

The immigrants, or scroungers, Well played, you Know your game

But we’re catching up real quickly, We’re seeing through the lies

Learning about manipulation, to brainwash and hypnotise

Phycological warfare! We read about that now,

And soon the world will understand this system, and just how

The few have made their fortunes, through oil, and war games

Slavery, and poor workers, once locked in iron chains

Now all the world locked in debt! Too a shrinking few elite!

As corporations merge, leaving the masses to compete

For low wage jobs, that only cover costs, just, to survive

Meaning, we cannot afford, most things we used to buy…

A blessing in disguise I feel

as most crap the corporates sell,

are not the things we truly need, they keep us looked in hell!

We really need to share more, to help each other out,

Grow food in our communities, get creative, stand and shout!

I will not support debt slavery..!

I will help in ways I can..!

I will not conform to unjust laws..!

I will help my fellow man..!

Our knowledge it is growing, and to know, we’re almost free

We’re Cross referencing businesses, that oppress both you and me

It’s funny how so many-are- owned by one gigantic corp!

That has so many subsidies, it boggles, and it warps.

The mind, to know such power, is in the hands of few

That dictate to our governments, whatever they want too

But the truth, it soon will conquer…

as communities untie…

And humanities awareness…

moves from the darkness…

to the light.

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