September Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

October 1, 2019

The change of seasons from summer to autumn is feeling gradual, but XRC rebels are planning ahead for the colder months. Lots of rebels are also preparing for the upcoming International Rebellion in London, and the heroes that are planning to camp outside will be hunting for extra layers! Will they manage to find second-hand long-johns to keep them warm at night?!

I can’t believe how long we’ve been doing it already! I know it’s a little way off but I’m a bit gutted I don’t have more Christmas jumpers as I know I can’t knit one yet. I also planned to have new scarves and hats knitted by now but due to summer being crazy hot I couldn’t bear it. Best I crack on with them before the weather turns. School uniform is a tough one for me. In some ways it gets a lot of use (one jumper can get 195 wears over the year) but it’s all made of such plasticy feeling materials, it’s horrible. On the positive side I’ve discovered some new places online to buy upcycled and repaired jeans, so when I do need to finally shop I feel better informed. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to shopping on the high street; searching and researching is far more satisfying than a quick fashion fix.

My sock situation is getting a little dire. My mum is trying to tempt with with the Bam summer sale – offering to buy me a gift – I’m trying to stay strong!

It’s been going well and I’m completely turned off by high street shops now. I had recent success in charity shops when feeling I needed to add a dress to my wardrobe to do some layering with, after doing some Instagram research into capsule wardrobes and re-wearing. I really recommend @notbuyingnew on there if you’re interested. To make life more exciting I also got a belt to do some accessorising!
Difficulties definitely lie ahead, however, especially for rebellion – second-hand long-johns sound horrendous 😂 Also I’m finding it hard at the moment to find second-hand waterproof trousers but I am not giving up on eBay/borrowing just yet! Also I need a new sports bra, but I have found a brand which rate really well on the Good on You app and use recycled nylon, as well as some magic technology which means you can wash it less and it stays hygienic! The brand is Organic Basics. This option is much more expensive than the normal quick fix high street option, e.g. Sports Direct where my last two came from – but I feel like this investment in quality and sustainability absolves me from my need to buy a new item of clothing! I wonder if they do thermals..!

I washed my coats and jackets (that are either second-hand or just really old) a few months ago and have been getting them out now it’s autumn, but annoyingly I just end up carrying them because it’s still quite warm! I still have a decent supply of cardigans I’ve had for a little while to see me through winter, plus some Christmas jumpers I’ve had for ages! I have found myself having flashbacks to the days when I used to buy clothes in ‘normal’ shops, and I don’t miss it at all – from the positive experiences of friendly staff and finding things I like, right through to dirty changing rooms and huge queues.

Funny enough just reading your updates has rubbed off on me. I have in the last month starting buying second-hand clothes and got some really cool stuff!

Have our updates rubbed off on you too? We’re switching from fast to slow fashion in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases, biodiversity loss and poor treatment of those working in garment factories. Join in on social media using #XR52 #XRChelmsford. See the original post for more information.

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