XRC Poetry: Rise Up from Your Slumber

November 13, 2019

Rise Up from Your Slumber – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

I’ll try to be articulate in such a testing time.
So much knowledge to wonder through,
there’s no straightforward line

Criss-crossing paths of knowledge, go racing through my head
And, as I put pen to paper, there’s no road straight ahead.

Here I go regardless, to help the truth live on.
As words, they will still be around, when I have long been gone…

Rise up from your slumber! from your hypnotic state!
Hear the helpless cry for you, as your sole comes awake

Happiness and freedom, is a right for one and all
So, we need to learn with passion, all the facts available

From corrupt corporations! to banking history!
To institutionalisation, to mass scale poverty…

All linked, into this system, this well-oiled machine
That’s, been running now, for many years, the capitalist dream

But now, the cracks are showing, the oils almost gone
Wars are always coming, and the reasons, beyond wrong!

Stop holding on to oil, stop holding on to greed
The time has come to change our paths
and plant the changing seeds

In this age of information, ignorance! Is a choice
The challenge is to find the truth, amongst all of the noise

So, make use of the world wide web, this global brain is key
​To learn, grow and communicate, to connect the dots, you see…

With passion now, this brings me to, the most
important change
To teach our children HOW to think! Not WHAT! this keeps
them chained

The pillars of society, should be rooted in four things




and all the joy these bring. Also,

Creative Thinking,

for if we shall remain
It’s here where we, can find a way
Not in a “spoon fed” brain

All knowledge found through history, right to this very day
Will help us to create a world, in which, we all can stay

To be-come, the healers, for all life, here on earth
To an enlightened mind and heart, we must all soon give birth

Forgive ourselves, for all our wrongs, the hate, the greed and pain
We were born into this system! that makes this all ok…

But now the truth is out there, it is not fair to hide

As silence when evil is done, allows evil to thrive!

Life’s not a competition​

it’s ever playing song

When we can dance together, only then is freedom won

Remember we’re connected
all life on earth entwined


if we all, unite in truth

true freedom, we shall find.

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