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XRC Poetry: Human Race Get Off Your Knees!

Human Race Get Off Your Knees! – Kelli-Marie Sellwood Tear down Infected institutions. immortalised by us No more will they enslave, dictate, and make their dirty trusts- That keep the money held by few, that see the world, not as we do Distorted pictures they do see, enslaving the majority! Believing that it is ok, […]

XRC Poetry: The Place We All Call Home

The Place We All Call Home – Linda Anstee This is the place, The planet, The Earth; United as one, it’s the place of our birth. Breathtaking beauty, incredible world wonder, For us to protect, not to plunder. Super tusker elephants slaughtered for ivory; Peaceful orangutans homeless in rainforest rivalry. Wondrous whales swim the gauntlet […]

XRC Poetry: Rebellion Rap

Rebellion Rap – Peter Fowler We’re Extinction RebellionAnd we’re in your FaceIt’s our fault: we’rePart of the Human RaceConsuming this planetBit by bit – weDon’t think of others –We don’t have the witTo grow up – stand up andSpeak truth to powerSo we crush the futureAnd crush every flowerChoking the planetBit by bit, ‘cos we’reThinking only […]

XRC Poetry: Listen up our governments

Listen up our governments – Kelli-Marie Sellwood Listen up our governments, we have some words to wage We are rising up, as we, destroy debts earthly cage! Stop shaming our nurses, while cutting back on staff It’s your fault that they can’t keep up, their under-staffed say half Stop shaming our teachers, when-you dic-tate, what […]

XRC Poetry: New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution – Linda Anstee Act for the climate. Stop the heat. Act for success. Stop defeat. Act for the Amazon. Stop tree felling. Act for the Arctic. Stop seas swelling. Act for ecosystems. Stop creatures dying. Act for truth. Stop citizens denying. Act for hope. Stop eco-anxiety. Act for the generations. Stop the fall […]

XRC Poetry: Money Makes Monkeys of Us

Money Makes Monkeys of Us – Kelli-Marie Sellwood In a society that priorities monetary wealth Over the most important thing, the people’s general health I know I’m not the only one, who sees this as a crime And if we do not change this soon, we’ll all be out of time So, if you truly […]

XRC Poetry: Kestrel

Kestrel – Peter Fowler Sometimes I used to drive To work, through farm land – Through countryside And often I would see Sitting up high Up, on a telegraph pole, A kestrel, Readying To find and fix its prey, Or launch itself To hover in the sky And then: In a newspaper article I read, […]

XRC Poetry: Recruiting for Justice!

Recruiting for Justice – Kelli-Marie Sellwood I speak to help the people see, that basic rights for you and me Must be in the people’s hands, not – corporates that don’t understand That life on earth is too complex, for just a few, to choose what’s best We’re not a class, or type, or thing, […]

XRC Poetry: Rise Up from Your Slumber

Rise Up from Your Slumber – Kelli-Marie Sellwood I’ll try to be articulate in such a testing time.So much knowledge to wonder through,there’s no straightforward line Criss-crossing paths of knowledge, go racing through my headAnd, as I put pen to paper, there’s no road straight ahead. Here I go regardless, to help the truth live […]

XRC Poetry: Lights of London

Lights of London – Kelli-Marie Sellwood I saw suits, florescent yellow, filled with people of all kinds Some thought their suits were fused to them, but some had their own minds Some were filled with ego, on a policeman power trip, some were criminals in uniform, abusers cruel and sick! Some agreed with what we’re […]

XRC Poetry: We Are Called Upon

We Are Called Upon – Sarah Ward We may be breaking the law by blocking the road But climate action is what the planet is owed Yes, we may be stopping traffic But to do nothing, that would be tragic The biggest crime is committed by the government For not taking action when time is […]

XRC Poetry: Rise Up

Rise Up – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

XRC Poetry: Tenderness of Grass

Tenderness of Grass – Maddy Hag This is the whispers Of the tenderness of Grass forever passing Bending in the breeze’s breath It does not break Survives the test of freeze It aches to burgeon bold In waking spring Of ripening sun It is the one in all And all in One Growing not from […]

XRC Poetry: How to be a Rebel

How to be a Rebel – Laura Kerry A crisis is upon us Our climate is in a state I don’t wish to alarm you But it’s time to decide our fate. It’s been on the cards for decades We know it’s nothing new It doesn’t care if you’re white or rich It’s coming for […]