Join Us

XR Chelmsford is the Chelmsford branch of Extinction Rebellion.

We are building a local community of people who are concerned about the climate crisis and want to take action.

We are looking for new members.

Find out below how you can get involved.

What are the first steps to join?

We have different levels of involvement and commitment so that anyone can fit in.

Whether you can contribute a few hours a month, or several hours a week, we need your help.

If you are yet to dip your toes in the water, you can:

Come to an XR Chelmsford meet up

We have a monthly group meet up made up of new and existing members.

You can find out when the next meeting is on the Events Page.

If you are new to XR, you will be given a brief introduction and explanation of how things work.

This will help you to figure out where you can fit in, and what you would like your contribution to be. These are friendly meet-ups with no strings attached.

You will meet other people who have concerns about the environment and want to take action.

Come to an XR Chelmsford talk

We regularly hold a “Heading To Extinction” talk that explains what the situation is with the climate crisis.

We encourage everyone to attend one of these (or watch online) to get a better understanding of the science behind the climate crisis.

These are free to attend and come with no strings attached. 

Working & Affinity Groups

Once you have been to an induction and would like to help us in one of our working or affinity group, then please read more here.

We also have a list of the roles we currently need help with.

Can I be involved without coming to a meeting?

Yes! Even if you do not join XR Chelmsford in-person, there are still ways you can contribute.

Join us on social media

Share our posts to spread awareness, or join in with small personal actions to reduce your impact on the environment.

By following us on social media, you can also keep up to date about what we are doing and find out about events in the local area:

We also have a closed facebook group here – Facebook Supporters Group.

 Please join and say hello!

Lobby your local Councillor or MP

Even if you are not part of XR, you can still make an impact by lobbying your local councillor or MP.

Of particular importance at the moment is asking your MP to support the CEE Bill.

 We have also drafted template messages and explain what to do lobby your local councillor about climate issues on this page.

Donate money instead of time

If you do not have time to get involved but would still like to contribute, please consider making a financial donation here.

Not based in Chelmsford?

If you are not based in or near Chelmsford, or have friends and family you would like to hook up to XR,  you can use this page on the website to find the nearest Local XR Group around the world!