XRC Poetry: Lights of London

October 22, 2019

Lights of London – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

I saw suits, florescent yellow, filled with people of all kinds
Some thought their suits were fused to them, but some had their own minds

Some were filled with ego, on a policeman power trip,
some were criminals in uniform, abusers cruel and sick!

Some agreed with what we’re doing, but still had bills to pay
They’d have a chat and laugh with us, and then be on their way

Food was free, wholesome and hot,
Dominic the dinner dealer
Dealt delicious meals to everyone, he truly was a healer

But some crocked cops, stole many pots to shut the movement down
They even stole the donations, to drive us to the ground.

We ‘protested’ outside the met, but it really was confusing
Talks were far too quiet, and the passion we were losing.

So, to Trafalgar square we went…

The square was full of wonder, a fearless festival of truth!
Bonding us in unity, the elders and the youth.

We stood upon the statues, filled with blood, of slaves now shed,
surrounded by the architecture beautiful but dead

I wondered at the beauty of these building turned to green
As vines entwined each structure, weaving an Eden city dream

The drums of change embraced us all, the artists did ignite,
a narrative of ‘we’re the change, spread truth and shine your light!’

A rollercoaster of emotions, for the weekend we were there
We cried, we laughed, stood strong in love and rose above the fear

The children left inspired; their confidence had grown.
My eldest read a poem, to a crowd, all on his own!

I left feeling inspired, connected with new friends,
But, concerned by the tactics, the police may use again.

Extinction or Rebellion? It really is our choice
But if we do not make it soon, extinction will rejoice!

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