October Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

November 2, 2019

October was a month full of rebellion, rage and rain! Check out this month’s updates and suggestions from our rebels taking part in the clothing boycott… Watch this space for a clothing boycott action soon!

I’ve found now we’re a good few months into the boycott, that my entire relationship with clothes has changed. I feel much more appreciative of how many clothes I have, and buying something new is just not on my radar anymore. I’m still poring over dress patterns and really hope to make something out of some old bits soon, but I’ve only just got the hang of making bunting so it could be a while before I’m making my own outfits.

Just wondered if we could do any clothes swaps amongst ourselves? I am one of those people whose weight is always going up and down (my own fault!), so I have reasonable clothes which no longer fit. I do take stuff to the charity shops and buy from them, but thought it might be a friendly thing to ask other rebels first. Also, I always swapped kids’ clothes when my girls were young. Some kids stuff gets worn out, but there are always the times when they seem to shoot up and suddenly stuff doesn’t seem to fit, including school uniforms. Just a thought! Another thought… have we had any actions publicising our clothes boycott and explaining why we are doing this? Might be interesting; I’m thinking Primark etc?

Pre-loved vintage kilo came to Chelmsford this month, so I popped along to have a rummage through the second-hand goodies. They had coats, jumpers, dresses, jeans, scarves, shoes, jewellery and even ski suits. I found a colourful scarf, a nice green shirt and a gorgeous dress with an owl pattern – and POCKETS! It only took me a few hours to go on eBay and order another pre-loved dress by the same brand… The shirt might need ironing, but that only happens in our house when there’s a wedding or a funeral to go to, so it can be a crinkly green shirt! I am in desperate need of some jeans/leggings/jeggings that don’t have holes in. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but I’m going to have to try and find some in a charity shop soon…

Have our updates rubbed off on you too? We’re switching from fast to slow fashion in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases, biodiversity loss and poor treatment of those working in garment factories. Join in on social media using #XR52 #XRChelmsford. See the original post for more information and to see who is taking part in our boycott.

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