XRC Poetry: We Are Called Upon

October 11, 2019

We Are Called Upon – Sarah Ward

We may be breaking the law by blocking the road
But climate action is what the planet is owed

Yes, we may be stopping traffic
But to do nothing, that would be tragic

The biggest crime is committed by the government
For not taking action when time is almost spent

I may get a criminal record
But of rebelling I will never get bored

I may get banned from entering other lands
But I don’t need sun, sea and sand

Not flying actually helps the situation
And is a small price to pay for the safety of our children

The Earth is more important than a clean criminal record
A future for our children will be the biggest reward

This is a climate emergency
But it’s also about equality

The cause of earth’s problems is solely greed
The 1% thrives while others are in need

Earth’s temperature is rising by the hour
But this is being ignored by those in power

We need to stop the rising climate, we need to stop the rising sea
To declare it and do nothing, that’s hypocrisy

I want to ask them, don’t you see?
This is a climate emergency!

Climate change is earth’s single biggest threat
So Boris Johnson, we haven’t finished yet!

Focusing on Brexit makes you mad as a hatter
Because if we lose life on earth, that won’t even matter

It may be too late for 1.5 degrees
Sea levels are rising BUT so are we!

Police come marching two by two,
We’re non-violent, how about you?!

It’s easy to make assumptions if you don’t know the facts
So educate yourself and see our system is a trap

Business as usual cannot go on
Which is why we rebels have been called upon

To save the planet, that’s our goal
There’s vegan curry – go and have a bowl!

You can fight for the planet at any age
So thank you rebels for your love and rage!

For all that it is worth
We will fight for the future of life on earth!

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