XRC Poetry: Money Makes Monkeys of Us

December 16, 2019

Money Makes Monkeys of Us – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

In a society that priorities monetary wealth
Over the most important thing, the people’s general health
I know I’m not the only one, who sees this as a crime
And if we do not change this soon, we’ll all be out of time
So, if you truly love yourself, your children, family, friends
Consider that the way you live, dictates how their life ends
Extreme you think!? Not really, there’s a balance here on earth
And human greed and ignorance propels a deadly curse
Look at all the cancers, look at all the floods
Look at starving children and the bodies soaked in blood
These were not born of kindness, or a willingness to share
These were born of greed and lies, a system void of care
So, stand up and be counted! Let your voice be heard
Help in any way you can, no matter how absurd
Seek out your true riches, that lie in what you learn
The feelings you experience, and not how much you earn
For, money’s not what makes us, money is what we make
Money makes monkeys of us, yet still we take the bait
I hope that this soon changes, that we will all stand up
Educate ourselves, rebuild the system from ground up
I know it won’t be easy, but we all must try
Cause if we do not make a change, mankind will surely die.

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