December Update: #XR52 Clothing Boycott

January 9, 2020

Happy new year, dear readers! It’s been unseasonably warm and, as a group protesting against the climate crisis, we can’t possibly think why! Here’s how our fashion boycotters are getting on…

Though I didn’t take the vow for the year, I have only bought one summer top and a pair of summer shorts, both ethically sourced. I have bought a pair of thermal gloves, but apart from that, nothing. I’ve not been tempted, and it’s not felt a hardship (oops had to buy a pair of trainers) but I’m not a great clothes shopper in any case.
Sarah B

I’m really surprised at how far we’ve come through this campaign – and even more surprised at how this has not been too much of a struggle for me. Why? Because I have more than enough clothes! I treated myself last month – I found an awesome secondhand dress on Portobello Road; a dark grey denim dress with awesome pockets. I absolutely love it, wore it on Xmas day and New Year’s Eve. Bit obsessed with it if I’m honest. For winter, mum passed on a pair of her boots, so that was me sorted.
And a friend of mine and new mum was having a clear out; she knew I wasn’t buying anything new and brought some pieces she thought I might like to try out at Nando’s (aside, did you know they have some great veggie options there? I digress), so now I’ve got some ‘new’ dresses for summer too! The only downside is the high street, or the mall, becomes a little redundant when you’re not in the market for new stuff. It makes me wonder, what will the high street of the future look like when we live in a world that is not based on endless growth and consumption??

I completely agree with Sophia on the high street becoming redundant – my boycotting typically extends to businesses/companies outside the fashion industry, so once I’ve been in the 4 or 5 shops I allow myself to go in, there isn’t a lot else to do in town! However, there is another pre-loved vintage kilo event in Colchester this weekend and I’m planning on going to that. I recently bought a lovely pink scarf in a charity shop, and the recent election highlighted the fact that I don’t have any red clothes just before I found a lovely red dress in Oxfam. I went shopping with a friend before Christmas and I went into a few clothes shops I haven’t been into for a long time – it was odd being in there and slightly burst my eco-bubble knowing that it’s all still there, but I believe our boycott has strength in numbers.
Laura K

Are you after a new year’s resolution you can easily stick to? We’re switching from fast to slow fashion in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases, biodiversity loss and poor treatment of those working in garment factories. Join in on social media using #XR52 #XRChelmsford. See the original post for more information and to see who is taking part in our boycott.

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