Ask Your MP To Support The CEE Bill

November 6, 2020

Back the CEE Bill

The CEE Bill is a ‘Presentation Bill’, a type of Private Members Bill (PMB), it was presented to parliament on 2 September 2020 by Caroline Lucas MP and it has been given a second reading date of the 12th March 2021.

A bill is a proposal for a new law.

Most new law stems directly from government as planned legislation, but backbench MPs can put forward proposals as a Private Members Bill (PMB).

Many PMBs remain as a campaign tool, but it is possible to gather enough support inside and outside of Westminster so that they pass, like the successful campaign for the Climate Change Act (2008).

At this stage it is something of a numbers game!  We need as many MPs as possible to publicly support the Bill: every tweet, email, letter or phonecall to your MP counts. 

We need every MP who won’t support the Bill to be asked to explain why and to realise that there is a groundswell of support in their constituency: every tweet, email, letter or phone call to your MP counts.

A 3 minute introduction to the CEE Bill is here:

Take action

The more of us that write to our MP’s the better. Persistence is key.

Any form of letter that you can send is an important step to take, but hand-written letters can be particularly effective.

Use the links below to find out who your MP is, learn about the CEE Bill, and write to them explaining how you feel and what you would like them to do.

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