XRC Poetry: Human Race Get Off Your Knees!

February 2, 2020

Human Race Get Off Your Knees! – Kelli-Marie Sellwood

Tear down Infected institutions. immortalised by us

No more will they enslave, dictate, and make their dirty trusts-

That keep the money held by few, that see the world, not as we do

Distorted pictures they do see, enslaving the majority!

Believing that it is ok, to say the things that they do say

Human Race! get off your knees…! Lies spread like a sick disease…

Believe the lies, not anymore, toward the sky kind people soar

We will no longer live in fear, or follow laws that put us here!

We know what’s right, we know what’s wrong, yet still we let this carry on?

Paying back debts, THE BANKS SHOULD PAY, worked to deaf from night to day

Uninspired in most schools, in the roles in which we’re tools?

Human Race! Get off your knees! Fear is spreading like a sick disease

They make us slaves to things we own, so we act like mindless drones!

Find support, and find it now! help each other, and here’s how…

Speak to neighbours in your street, find out why, they cannot sleep…

Are they too chained up by debt? Sacred and victimised? I bet..!

Kind health workers, scientists, engineers, please help assist

Gardeners, and farmers too, teachers, and well… All of you

We must make time to educate, create a future fair and great!

Securing all our basic needs, within local communities

Grow food forests, owned by us, repurpose waste, with those we trust

Capture and store our energy, reinstate community!

STOP POINTLESS CONSUMPTION please!  Slow these wheels that spread diseaseā€¦

Embrace your feet and pedal bike, slow down your life, and we just might

keep the oil locked away, force greed and ego to decay

Steer local housing off the grid, food abundance where we live!

No need to ship around the world, the things we can produce ourselves!

Communicate with local groups,

ask for help!

Involve the youth.

Our future can be one that shines,

If, we rebel!

but remain, Kind.

Human Race! Get off your Knees!

Run roots deep and rise as trees.

Kelli-Marie Sellwood

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