Join Us at the Global Climate Strike in Chelmsford!

September 6, 2019

On Friday 20th September the UK Student Climate Network is calling on everyone – adults, workers, community groups, trade unionists, nurses, teachers, steel workers, car manufacturers, waiters and everyone else in between to join us in a global general climate strike. Join us as we support the Global Climate Strike in Chelmsford, meeting at Shire Hall (at the end of the high street near Tindal Square) at 12pm. The people of the world are taking action to save the planet. Stand in solidarity with the children who strike for the climate emergency. Watch the video below for an analogy with Lego…


We will also be holding a Picnic in the Park event in Central Park on Sunday 15th September where we’re hoping to get some artwork produced by the children to take on the strike action.

How can parents support their children who want to strike?

Some children will be bringing their parents with them for the strike. Of course, this won’t be feasible for everyone. If you’re worried about taking your child out of school for the day/afternoon, you could write to your children’s school explaining why you will be withdrawing your children. This could also be a way to support children who want to strike if you’re unable to join them. Our local rebel Greg wrote a great letter to his children’s school urging them to support student action. Here is part of his letter for some inspiration:

There is sufficient scientific consensus to say with confidence that if anthropogenic climate change is not addressed, the subsequent ecological consequences will be catastrophic. The UN’s IPCC report states we have 12 years left to take the actions necessary to avoid these consequences.

Any professional, or citizen concerned with the welfare, both present and future, of young people must mobilise and act to usher in the required actions our government must take. Only by showing overwhelming concern for this issue can we expect change. Luckily, such mobilisation is taking place. On Friday 20th September this year, young people across the world will be going on strike from their normal education to express their outrage that the safeguarding of their future is not being taken seriously by their current leaders. It is not only our moral duty to actively support this action, but for educators it is a legal duty.

With the information available, we can no longer claim ignorance on behalf of energy companies, or politicians, or that they have had insufficient time to enact change. It seems clear that their negligence is purposeful, and therefore abusive.

I therefore call upon you to at the very least open up the opportunity to your students to take action they see fit on 20th September without repercussion, or even better, to close the school on that day in a show of solidarity. I believe this would send a powerful message, showing that your leadership is on the right side of history, and the law, and be a meaningful first step in redefining the role of schools in the fight against climate change.

Please may I ask that you take on this issue with the due consideration it deserves, and take the bold and swift actions our children need of you. I would expect to see in this case a statement forthcoming from the school, or replying letter explaining what other plans you may have so that I may be secure in knowing the school have the health and safety of children in mind, in all meaningful ways.

Many thanks for your due care and consideration of this letter.

Our house is on fire. The climate crisis is an emergency but we’re not acting like it. Invite your colleagues, friends, family, clubs and community. We need everyone. Bring your voices and banners and use the hashtags #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateStrike

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