Wellbeing team member

We are currently looking for members to join our wellbeing and regenerative culture team.

Wellbeing is a vital aspect of the movement, so whatever time you can give would be a real help.

Below is the mandate for the wellbeing group, which should give you a rough idea of what’s invovled.

No experience is necessary — you can start as soon as you’re ready.

Please get in touch here if you would like to find out more.

Wellbeing and regenerative culture mandate

To encourage a culture of care and respect.

To create procedures which aim to welcome people into the group, that are designed to help people to feel supported and appreciated.

To ensure people are swiftly informed of ways to engage in respectful and non-violent communication, on- and off-line, e.g. briefing people at the beginning of meetings.

To design and implement a process to deal with anyone who is being disruptive, harassing and/or disrespectful in rebellion spaces, which may include asking people to leave the event.

To help equip all people joining and taking part in NVDA / support roles with the relevant advice on practical and emotional wellbeing.

To create written documentation on specific details of what support people can expect before, during, and after actions, and ensure this is provided. 

To support working/affinity groups to design and implement practical and emotional feedback sessions after an action which are well facilitated and based upon the principles of nonviolent communication.

To design and implement a buddy/check-in system to support people during an action.

To coordinate support for people in custody, on court dates or in prison, liaising with affinity groups.