January 27, 2023

XR Chelmsford aims to mobilize at least 1000 people to join 100,000 others at the Parliament on the 21st of April to voice their dissent on the climate crisis and government inaction. 

There is a threshold of numbers, human energy, above which people’s power can neither be ignored nor stopped. 

On the 4th of November 1989, hundreds of thousands of people gathered peacefully in the Alexanderplatz in what was then East Berlin and refused to move. Five days later, the Berlin Wall come down.

Large numbers provide strength and help build communities whilst putting pressure on the government to build a sustainable future. The action, “THE BIG ONE” is designed to do just that! This mass mobilization is not intended only for activists. This is a movement of movements to showcase the Power of People. 

Worsening climate conditions are already impacting global food supplies and that will only further exacerbate the cost-of-living crisis, meaning the change is not only necessary, but it is also inevitable!

XR Chelmsford will be on the high street from 11 AM to listen, and converse about the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis we find ourselves in! 

Is it daunting to have a conversation? Come along to enjoy Samba music and take a leaflet!

YOU are needed, WE are needed, EVERYONE is needed – Here comes EVERYONE!