August 13, 2022

The conditions are ripe for change. Climate concern has reached record highs, support for nonviolent civil resistance is growing fast, and governments still aren’t acting.

The Climate crisis is happening NOW. There are immense gaps in the political promises and actions. We’ve got a plan; it’s called Project 3.5

No government has withstood the challenge of 3.5% of its population mobilising against it during a peak event.

The idea is simple: To build a movement that’s too big for the government and the fossil fuel industry to ignore and to do it one door at a time.

XR Chelmsford is actively pursuing Project 3.5 to mobilise the local communities. Our rebels are knocking on doors, one street at a time, focusing on active listening to understand the people’s concerns and perspective in regards to the climate change.

We’re inviting the people who care and are concerned about the current crisis we are in; to the talk organised by the Chelmsford Extinction Rebellion group at the St Johns Church, Moulsham Street on the 18th of August

“One has moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

– Martin Luther KING jr.