We are a non-violent direct action movement demanding urgent action in the face of the climate emergency. We are members of the community in Chelmsford and surrounding areas who agree with the aims and methods of Extinction Rebellion. We are proud conscientious Earth protectors. There is no Planet B.

“I’ve been thinking about getting involved with XR for quite a while. I’d like to get my children involved. Everyone’s been nice and it’s a really friendly bunch.”

Sally, mum of 3.

Ways to get in touch

We’re a friendly bunch – join our next meeting by keeping an eye on our Events page.

We send out a weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

We have a Facebook page where you can follow local updates as well as more in depth information around the climate crisis and solutions. All our public events are listed here too.

We have a Facebook group to chat and engage with each other online; we are a supportive and positive group and we’re encouraged to contribute so we can get to know each other. We have guidelines members need to adhere to, adopting the XR motto. All people are welcome, but not all behaviours. 

We’re on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well.

If you want to get in touch by email, you can do so here

Ways to get involved

We recommend that if you’re curious or want to get more involved, to join us for an induction – often held just before our Whole Group Meetings on the first Thursday of every month*.

Keep an eye out on our Events Page for the next meeting. We are also experimenting with hosting these online, so stay tuned.

Anyone who is curious about participating in actions is strongly recommended to receive Non Violent Direct Action training. Keep an eye out on our Events Page for the next local training.

We have various working groups in XR Chelmsford: Arts, Community, TechCommunications, Lobbying, Samba – if you’d like to support one of these groups please contact them directly. We’re all volunteers so please be patient with us.

*Not always so please do check

There might be an XR Essex group a bit more local to you: XR ColchesterXR SouthendXR Thurrock (new) and XR Havering

upcoming events


Social(ly distanced) in the Park

15:00 – 18:00 Join us for a socially distanced social in the park to get us all back together pre-rebellion! Exact details tbc — check back to the Facebook event here, but it will be in Central Park in the afternoon  Old and new rebels welcome! If anyone has an access requirements please email community@xrchelmsford.org

Samba Practice

Our Samba band currently holds a weekly practice in Chelmsford on a Sunday. This is great fun and a nice way to get to know some of our lovely members. Everyone is welcome — even if you’ve never played before. If you’d like to know more, email the Samba team here.

UK Rebellion

We want to live. The next UK-wide rebellion begins on September 1st. XR Chelmsford will be in attendance and we’d love for you to join us. If you would like to be involved, get in touch with us here. Find out more about The Rebellion here.
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